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Cue Vapor Cue 2.0 Vape Kit Review

Cue Vapor, a vape brand and manufacturer based in the UK, may not be widely recognized, but their latest product, the CUE 2.0 Kit, is generating a LOT of attention within the vaping community, including MIST! 

Luckily, we got our hands on the Cue 2.0, and today, we’re pretty excited to you give the lowdown on whether their vape kit can compete head-to-head with larger, well-known vape brands or if it falls short of expectations. 

In this Cue Vapour Cue 2.0 review, we’ll delve into its design, performance, and overall user experience to see if it lives up to the hype. So, let’s dive in and explore what the Cue 2.0 Kit has to offer!

MIST’s Verdict

Build Quality5
Ease of Use5
Flavour Output4

Review Summary: The CUE 2.0 Kit is a simple slab of satisfaction. With no maintenance beyond acquiring new pods, it’s a great choice for vapers who prefer convenience and simplicity.

Review Disclosure: Cue Vapour, confident about their new kit and keen to get the word out, has supplied us with a CUE 2.0 Kit and some pods to try. Despite this, I’ll be reviewing the device honestly and making note of any features I think are worth mentioning, both positive and negative.

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Packaging and Labels 

A hand holding the packaging box of Cue Vapour's Cue 2.0 Vape Kit

The kit comes in a sleeved cardboard box, with a TPD-compliant nicotine health warning displayed clearly on the front. The sides are featureless, while the back of the box features a contents list (kit, cable, and user manual), a child-safety warning, and a manufacturing date and production batch number.

Aiden from MIST showing the packaging of the Cue 2.0 Vape Kit

Sliding off the sleeve reveals a similar-looking cardboard box with a fold-out hatch. Opening it reveals the kit itself held tightly within a form partition, with the USB-C charging cable held beneath the kit.

Aiden from MIST holding a box of replacement pods for the Cue 2.0 Vape Kit

The box I’ve been sent does not feature pods, but Cue Vapour sent me pods in separate boxes.

Build Quality

Score: 5/5

Aiden from MIST holding the Cue 2.0 Vape Kit in different angles.

The CUE 2.0 Kit is remarkably sturdy when gripped. Measuring 101.5mm x 35mm x 16mm, it’s small and compact enough to fit comfortably in both the palm and pocket. The build has a hefty weight, which hints at good-quality manufacturing.

The kit’s weight led me to expect a higher battery capacity, but 850mAh is usually enough to get most MTL vapers through a working day, and Cue’s website states that you can charge it to full from empty in just 45 minutes.

Aiden holding a Cue 2.0 Vape Kit

While Cue makes no mention of it, I found that the device features passthrough technology and can be vaped from while being charged, making it a fantastic desktop device.

Ease of Use

Score: 4/5

Aiden from MIST showing how to insert the pod in the CUE 2.0 Kit

The CUE 2.0 Kit is always on when it’s charged, requiring no button taps to activate the device, which is good because the kit is buttonless! I find the device holds charge well when it’s not being used; my kit was fully charged when I went to sleep and fully charged when I woke up.

Being buttonless, the kit is draw-activated, meaning you simply start puff to receive vapour. It has a fast ignition speed, so the first inhale isn’t wasted, which is often the case with draw-activated kits.

The pod insertion method is a little unorthodox, but it’s very easy to learn and keeps the pod held securely in place with far less likelihood of e-liquid leaks. Refilling was also very simple, with the pod lids snapping off easily but never unintentionally.


Score: 4/5

The CUE 2.0 Kit has a very fast draw when puffed from, and that’s good because, as a buttonless device, there aren’t any other ways to get it firing.

There’s no airflow control slider, which is slightly disappointing. However, the draw tightness is very moderate when using a 50/50 e-liquid—not too restrictive, not too airy, just right.

Cue Vapour informed us that although all the pods for the kit feature pre-installed 0.8ohm coils, they would be able to handle sub-ohm vape liquids just as well as MTL juices. 

I filled a pod with some 70VG e-liquid to try for myself. I found that the kit did indeed fire without incident, and I received vapour without having to draw any harder than usual.

However, the high VG e-liquid I used had a very, very diminished flavour compared to when I used it from a dedicated DLT vape kit, so while clouds are certainly possible, you may find the flavour is sacrificed.

Battery Life

Score: 3 / 5

The CUE 2.0 Kit has a battery capacity of 850mAh, not the largest in the pod vape game but easily enough to get you through a solid day of MTL vaping. I can’t find information relating to what the device’s output wattage is, but being an MTL device it’s likely somewhere between 9W – 13W.

This low output stress means the 850mAh battery won’t be drained too quickly. The decision to eschew a display screen in favour of a simple 3-LED power indicator also prevents battery waste.

Flavour Output 

Score: 4/5
I was surprised by the flavour I got from the CUE 2.0 Kit. The technical information on their website mentions vertical mesh coils being used, which would definitely result in a purer and more direct delivery of flavour. I can’t find any information about the materials used for the coil wicks, but whatever they used conveys a rich flavour with zero impurities to taste.


Score: 5/5

The device requires little maintenance. Refilling is easy, thanks to the pods’ snap-on, snap-off design. Disposable pods with pre-installed coils mean you don’t need to bother with messy, awkward coil changes, either.

Pods are inserted in a rather interesting way, requiring them to be inserted diagonally and then clicked into place. This novel design seeks to prevent e-liquids from ever escaping through the mouthpiece, and while it may seem unfamiliar, it’s still an intuitive design.


I found the CUE 2.0 Kit very satisfying to use! I’m actually a bit surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed using the CUE 2.0 Kit. Admittedly, it’s a simplistic piece of hardware, but in many ways, that’s a feature rather than a bug. It provides a no-fuss MTL vaping experience with a comforting weight when held.

There aren’t any special features, functions, or even airflow settings to play with, but if you’re looking for a no-brainer cigarette-replacement vape, then you’ll definitely find the CUE 2.0 Kit meets all your requirements.

The MIST Favourite Feature: 

I found the taste exceptionally clear, no doubt thanks to the vertical mesh coils pre-installed in the pods with top-grade wicks that impart no impurities upon the flavour of my favourite e-liquids.

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