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Menthol Moon Drops

Menthol Moon Drops by Kai's Virgin Vapor is not just an e-liquid; it's a menthol solution to you flavour problems!
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Sometimes it feels as though e-liquid manufacturers are adding more and more synthetic flavourings and sweeteners, an arms race toward the most sickly-sugary, Malaysian-style e-liquid possible. Kai's Virgin Vapor are here to defy this trend in grand style; boasting totally organic ingredients, clear and simple flavours and a mix ratio of 100% VG, they're set to change the way we look at sub-ohming. Yes, you read that right; there is absolutely zero propylene glycol (PG) in their range, meaning no allergic reactions from those sensitive to PG and no rough discomfort on the inhalation.

Menthol Moon Drops by Kai's Virgin Vapor is not just an e-liquid; it's a menthol solution to you flavour problems! Refreshing and powerful menthol notes dance through your body and expand your lungs, a powerful wintery blast moving throughout you. This e-liquid is also perfect for enhancing other e-liquids and granting them a powerful mentholated edge.

Kai's Virgin Vapors are unique organic e-liquids brewed with zero PG, meaning your vape experience is all flavour, no roughness. May contain Certified Organic Ethyl Alcohol (trace amount - less than 1/4 of 1%)


100% VG (Optimised for sub-ohm tanks)


1x Kai's Virgin Vapors - Menthol Moon Drops 10ml

Kai’s Virgin Vapor enjoys a fiercely loyal following for its organic, vegan, and all-natural e-liquids. The US-based brand is 100% certified organic and popular for its delicious, naturally-flavored vape juices. In fact, all their vape liquids are free of any artificial chemicals, sweeteners, colors, additives, or artificial flavors. All of Kai’s eliquids have a mix ratio of 100% VG, with no PG whatsoever. This makes their vape juices perfect for smooth sub-ohm vaping and for those with PG sensitivity. 

The brand’s selection of e-juices spans all types of nic strengths and flavors - from creamy, fruity, minty to classic tobacco and much more! Each flavor developed at Kai’s Virgin Vapor goes through strict third-party testing to meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

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