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Mango Nectar JUUL Pods

The JUUL pod Mango Nectar is a tangy mango flavour with notes of tropical fruits, perfect for people with a sweet tooth.
  • £9.99

Luscious, sweet mango meets tangy tropical freshness in these Mango Nectar JUUL pods. Available in 18mg nic strength, they’re perfect for vapers that want a quick, flavorful and potent nicotine fix without the harsh throat hit of regular e-liquids. Grab this convenient pack of 4 to stay well-stock with this delicious e liquid flavor. 

Loved by vapers all over the world, JUUL pods are made from a custom blend of nicotine salts, natural oils and other ingredients for an incredibly smooth yet powerful vaping experience. Compact and convenient, JUUL pods are very easy to use - simply plug them into your compatible JUUL device or starter kit, and discard it when empty - no need for messy refills and coil changes.


18mg nicotine strength
Compatible with JUUL devices


4 JUUL pods

Founded in 2015, JUUL has leapfrogged ahead within a mere 5 years to become one of the world’s most popular and biggest e-cigarette brands. So widespread is the brand’s appeal that its users have invented their very own term for vaping, “Juuling”. With its compact size, sleek design and impressive ease of use, Juul’s vape device and pods have quickly garnered a rapidly-growing and loyal following of customers across the world. 

The brand’s USB-chargeable JUUL device boasts of a simple plug-and-play style with no complicated buttons, making the vaping experience easier than ever before. JUUL takes special care to put their products through a rigorous quality check to ensure their performance and offering a consistent Juuling experience for customers.

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