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The SMOK RPM40 continues to utilise SMOK's versatile coil system, allowing you to change and select from a variety of differently calibrated coils so as to provide exactly the vaping experience you require.
  • £29.99


The SMOK RPM40 is SMOK's latest pod system, and if we were impressed with the SMOK Nord then the RPM40 has completely blown our minds! Like any pod system the SMOK RPM40 is neat and discreet, easily slipped into your pocket and weighing only 99g. But don't be fooled; within this ergonomic and stylish pod system beats a powerful heart! The 1500mAh battery easily delivers a full day's vaping, outpacing the Nord while also revealing a new feature, one which is highly unique to pod systems; adjustable wattage! The 1-40W range transforms the SMOK RPM40 into a truely versatile machine, one whose output can be altered to satisfy any mood, need or requirement.

The SMOK RPM40 continues to utilise SMOK's versatile coil system, allowing you to change and select from a variety of differently calibrated coils so as to provide exactly the vaping experience you require. The SMOK RPM40 coils range from 0.4ohm to 1.6ohm, capable of using the previous generation SMOK Nord coils; if you're a proud Nord owner you can safely upgrade to a more sophisticated machine without throwing away any coils you've already purchased.

The high-definition and customisable full-colour screen displays not only your selected wattage but also ohmage, voltage and a puff counter, so you can track every possible aspect of your vaping journey. Revealing functionality that can usually only be expected from larger multi-battery cloud machines, this vape truely breaks the mould of what can be expected from a pod system. The sleek yet powerful SMOK RPM40 is ready to become your new favourite go-to vape.


Pod system
1-40W adjustable wattage
1500mAh battery
Size: 25x25x99mm
Weight: 99g
Range of coils available
Compatible with SMOK Nord coils
Full colour display screen


1x SMOK RPM40 pod (0.4ohm coil pre-installed)
1x SMOK Nord pod (0.6ohm coil pre-installed)
USB cable
User manual

Frequently Asked Questions

The SMOK RPM40 is both; a compact and lightweight vape that utilises pods instead of tanks but still retains wattage adjustment between 1W - 40W. It comes with two pods, an MTL focussed Nord pod and an RPM pod which is more suited to high-VG e-liquids and sub-ohm vaping. With 1500mAh battery capacity it can deliver a whole day’s vaping while fitting neatly in the pocket, and with just a pod switch it flips between being a pocket-size discretion vape to an impressive cloud machine.

While there is no Mini variant of the SMOK RPM40, those who find the already-compact design of the RPM40 a little too bulky may find the SMOK Nord 2 more to their liking. Similarly packaged with a Nord pod and an RPM pod, the Nord 2 is a more streamlined and classic design which fits in the pocket even more neatly than the RPM40. Featuring a similar internal mAh and wattage output, the Nord 2 lacks the high-definition display and sophisticated design of the RPM40 while retaining most of its functionality. While the pods are not compatible between kits, the coils are interchangeable between devices providing you use the correct pod.

If you find the RPM40 a little underpowered for your liking and are dead set on a pocket-sized sub-ohm machine, the SMOK RPM80 was designed specifically for your needs. No longer featuring MTL functionality, the RPM80 is a dedicated cloud machine, featuring an RPM pod and RGC pod.

Launched in 2010, SMOK has firmly established itself as one of the best-selling vape brands around. Its extensive collection of vape pens, pod systems, mods, tanks and coils is popular for being high-quality, durable and cutting-edge. Their flagship products, such as the NORD series, have been hailed as arguably one of the best all-round pod kits around. 

Whether you’re new to the wonders of vaping or a veteran, our collection of SMOK vape products promises to have something to match every vaping style, skill level and budget.

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