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Riot Salt Cherry Fizzle Hybrid Salt

Riot Salt’s Cherry Fizzle Hybrid Salt has a deep cherry flavour with a candied finish.
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Cherry Fizzle is the ultimate pick & mix sweetshop joy; fat juicy sour cherry candies just absolutely smothered in a sugar coating, an unbelievably sweet and tangy treat that’s absolutely certain to break the mental association between tobacco and nicotine! Indulge in a tangy, fantastic treat, but this one’s only for grownups!

Cherry Fizzle Hybrid utilises Riot Squad’s new Hybrid Salts mix method; a blend of traditional nicotine solution and nicotine salts ensure that this 50/50 juice gives smooth hits that are nonetheless noticeable on every puff.


Flavour notes: Cherry candy, sugar coating
50 VG/ 50 PG
Ideal for mouth to lung vaping
Size: 10ml bottle
Nicotine salt/freebase nicotine hybrid for smooth yet punchy inhales


1x Riot Salt Cherry Fizzle Hybrid 10ml

Riot Labs Ltd aren't messing around. With as many awards as a top premiership football team, the unstoppable "squad" from the UK rarely misses the back of the net. Their award-winning flavours are now stocked in over 80 countries worldwide, and their loyal customers eagerly anticipate what these leading innovators will do next! 

With e-liquids created from the ground up, and a design team that puts others in the industry to shame, Riot Labs Ltd is not just an e-liquid manufacturer but, in their own words, a "lifestyle" brand. It's clear these guys are passionate about vaping and the burgeoning community they've helped to foster. MIST believes their exponential growth is a clear indication of this, and unlikely to waver any time soon!

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