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Innokin Ifrit Flow Nic Salt Disposable Vape

The Ifrit Flow brings the design expertise of Innokin to the world of disposable vapes, providing unmatched satisfaction.

The Ifrit Flow Nic Salt Disposable is the first foray into disposables from industry legends Innokin, manufacturer of some of the best and most successful starter kits in the wide world of vaping. From the Endura T18-II to the T22 Pro, it’s just been hit after hit and the Ifrit Flow looks to continue that legacy!

The Ifrit flow is fitted with a 450mAh battery; substantially more than many other disposable vape batteries on the market today. It’s easily enough for a day’s vaping and likely enough for the night out after as well, as the Ifrit Flow can manage on average 600 puffs before being disposed of.

Innokin have also seen fit to be a tad more generous with the liquid contents than some other companies; the Ifrit Flow contains 2ml of vape liquid, the very maximum legally permitted and more than disposables usually offer.

Speaking of liquid, the Ifrit Flow once again shines here thanks to the nicotine salt content. Nic salts are generally far smoother to inhale than traditional nicotine solution, making this device an ideal choice for a recent smoker looking for something to replace the cigarettes that isn’t going to cause any throat or chest discomfort.

The Innokin Ifrit Flow Nic Salt Disposable is available in up to six different mouth-watering fruit flavours; from Sour Berries to Cherry Lemonade, there’s a vibrant and sparkling flavour that’s guaranteed to give you as much enjoyment as it does satisfaction.


450mAh battery
Up to 600 puffs
Pre-filled with 2ml of smooth nic salt fruit flavours
20mg nicotine strength


1x Innokin Ifrit Flow Nic Salt Disposable Vape

Established in 2011, Innokin has gone on to become a byword for trust and quality amongst new and experienced vapers alike. Operating out of a massive 10,000 sq. m facility in China, the brand delivers their vape pods, kits and tanks across the world, and has brought out some of the most value for money vape devices and accessories in our book. 

Alongwith having several patents for innovative products and technology under their belt, Innokin puts safety first by strictly adhering to global standards. While their entire catalogue is worthy of praise, their starter kits deserve a special mention for their world-class quality, budget-friendly price and sheer ease of use.

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