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Passion Fruit Zest 50ml

Experience the perfect marriage of sweet and sour with ZAP!'s Passion Fruit Zest.
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ZAP! have consistently produced some of the most popular e-liquids on the market, and it's not hard to see why! Bursting with flavour and available in a wide variety to suit any palette, they blast your tastebuds with unforgettable sweetness and complex blends. Not only that, but they somehow manage to produce some of the sweetest flavours we've ever encounted without exceeding a ratio of 70VG/30PG, meaning they'll go easier on your coils than some other sugary e-juices. We're very pleased to be able to offer ZAP!'s short fill range; 50ml's of unbelievable e-liquid in a 60ml bottle, leaving you enough room to infuse your juice using the complimentary 10ml salt nic-shot included!

There's no fruity flavour that can match the uniqueness of passion fruit; unbelievably sweet and bursting with intricate tones and sugars, the only thing that could make it better would be some kind of citrus infusion... And thanks to ZAP! we can finally experience this perfect marriage of sweet and sour, a blend which immediately arrests your attention and blesses your tastebuds with a unique mix that you've never experienced elsewhere!

The amazing ZAP! flavour range has always benefited from a smooth, sweet inhale, and for this reason ZAP! have opted for a salt nic-shot to go alongside their short fill bottles. Salt nicotine has been shown to provide a much stronger nicotine 'hit' while also creating a smoother inhale than some other nicotine-infusion solutions, so you can puff away long and hard to get as much soothing satisfaction as you require without ever having to worry about a rough inhale. Simply remove the cap of the 50ml short fill bottle, inject the contents of the salt nic-shot, which comes in the classic easy-squeeze ZAP! bottles, give it a shake and ZAP; 60ml's of 3mg e-liquid, ready to vape!


Short fill
Salt nic-shot included, for a stronger hit and smoother inhale


ZAP! Passionfruit Zest 50ml x1
ZAP! Salt Nic-Shot 10ml x1

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