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Mist E Cigarette User Guide

The Mist E Cigarette is a superior alternative to common “cigalike” replica electronic cigarettes.

Although our e cigs don’t mimic a cigarette aesthetically, they noticeably outperform cigarette replica devices.

How to use:

  1. Unscrew the mouth piece from the clearomizer cartridge.
  2. With your chosen Mist E Liquid begin to squeeze the fluid down the side of the clearomizer making sure to avoid any e liquid going down the silver centre pin. You will notice the e liquid beginning to fill the clearomizer cartridge. On the side of the clearomizer there is a liquid gauge, make sure not to fill above the line at the top.
  3. Once complete, take the mouthpiece and screw it back on to the device
  4. Roll the clearomizer around to let the e liquid absorb for 10 seconds
  5. Your Mist E Cigarette is now ready to use. To activate the device please press the battery button 5 times to turn it on; an LED light will flash, and you are ready to go.
  6. To use, hold the battery button down when inhaling, making sure to let go after each drag.

How to charge:

  1. When your battery light flashes and your device stops activating it is ready for charging.
  2. Unscrew your battery from your clearomizer.
  3. Take your charger and screw your battery on (please make sure to not attach too tightly)
  4. Plug your battery in via USB or Wall charger. You will see a red light, once this goes solid green you are ready to re-use your battery.