• Menthol JUUL Pods

Menthol JUUL Pods

  • Brand: JUUL
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Menthol JUUL Pods

The JUUL pod Menthol, perfect for all the Menthol smokers out there. These disposable pods contain nicotine salts found in the tobacco leaf and give one of the most realistic experiences for smokers looking to switch from cigarettes. Nicotine salts are higher mg concentration and allow for a quick relief from cravings without the harsher throat sensation that pure base nicotine provides. These Menthol pods are smaller and more portable than e-liquid bottles and do not require coil changes. The great thing about these are that there is no need to manually refill a tank or change coils. Simply throw away the old pod and click in the new pod. With 4 pods in one pack, you get multiple refills for your compatible JUUL device.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to dispatch these pods to the USA.


  • 1.8% nicotine strength


  • 4 JUUL pods


  • JUUL devices

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E-liquid may contain nicotine and should be kept locked away from children and pets at all times