The Ultimate Guide To Juul – Pods and Starter Kits Explained

JUUL vape with flavours

During our time testing the JUUL, we found it to be an excellent starter device for a fashionable backup unit. It’s perfect for times that call for discreet vaping as the JUUL measures in at a neat 95mm in length and weighs only 14 grams with a full pod installed. 

As for looks, it’s discreet and somewhat resembles a USB memory stick, as such it makes for a nice desktop device as well as a fine travel vape.

What is Juul?

The JUUL is a unique vaping device produced by JUUL Labs, formerly PAX Labs.

It made a huge impact upon its release, very quickly becoming one of the most popular e-cigarettes on the market due to its size, JUUL pods system, ease of use and convenience. 

What is the difference between JUUL and other e-cigarettes?

One of the most notable differences between a JUUL and other e-cigarettes is JUUL’s unique, proprietary JUUL pod system. 

Instead of purchasing bottles of e-liquid and coils as you would with other devices which require more work on the part of the user, the JUUL instead simply requires you to purchase pre-filled JUUL pods. 

The disposable pods themselves have a built-in coil and are available in a wide number of retailers and newsagents, meaning availability is rarely a problem.

How many people use Juul? 

In the United States alone JUUL commanded a 70+% market share as of September 2018. 

JUUL’s market share in the USA:


It is an extraordinarily popular vaping device due to its stylish simplicity, to the extent that in the US the product name “JUUL” has come to stand as shorthand for vaping in general for many, ie: “Do you JUUL?”

Why are JUUL and pods so popular?

The JUUL is, frankly, a masterwork of design. Small, lightweight and compact yet never fragile. The casing comes in a small selection of subtle matte colours. It has no firing button, instead relying on ‘draw-activation’, where the JUUL is controlled by your breath. 

One of the biggest selling points however has to be the pod system itself, which provides a very tempting simplicity.

With other e-cigarettes you often end up developing a whole new education in things like e-liquid chemical composition and a basic understanding of voltage, wattage and ohmage.

With the JUUL there’s no need to learn about Ohm’s Law or the difference between PG and VG-centric e-liquid; you simply purchase the pods, plug one in and start vaping.

JUUL pods explained

One of the best things about the JUUL is the lack of upkeep and maintenance it requires due to the JUUL pods, but even perfection gets the occasional leak or spill.

Juul pod

When should I change my JUUL pods?

JUUL Pods are designed to be sealed shut, so there isn’t an intended method of opening them. You can however see through the plastic casing to accurately gauge how much e-liquid is left in the Pod.

Once you’re down to the dregs and there’s barely any visible e-liquid left, we recommend tossing the Pod as soon possible, because you’re going to get is that nasty burned flavour that comes from heating the dried out cotton in the Pod.

Can I use different eliquid in JUUL pods?

While this is unorthodox, many are drawn to the JUUL’s size and simplicity but simply don’t enjoy the pre-filled JUUL Pod flavours. Others may simply wish to use an e-liquid which has a very specific nicotine strength. 

It is actually fairly simple to open a JUUL Pod up; simply use a flat-head screw-driver to gently pry the black plastic from the top of the Pod before also removing the rubber stopper.

From this point you can insert your own e-liquid and then just reverse the opening procedure, though we must warn you that the internal cottons on the JUUL Pod aren’t likely to last much longer.

How To Refill JUUL Pods

While many are drawn to the JUUL’s compact design, rapid charge and draw-activation, some complain that the admittedly tasty range of flavours is a little sparse.

Juul pod front red

For those of you who love the technology but wish to apply your own e-liquid, fear not; there is a way, and it’s rather simple!

Please note that JUUL do not recommend using e-liquid other than their own in the JUUL Pods, so any changes in flavour or vapor consistency may occur.

So, how to refill JUUL Pods? You may need some very basic tools when refilling JUUL Pods; we recommend either a thin flathead screwdriver or a small set of pliers.

Step 1: remove the plastic casing

Simply ease/wiggle off the black plastic casing at the head of the JUUL Pod and remove it. Take care not to damage the casing as you do, as it may lose effectiveness.

Step 2: extract the silicone stopper

After it’s off, gently extract the silicone stopper inside. With that out of the way you should have full access to the JUUL Pod and can start filling it with your favourite e-liquid!

Make sure it’s 50/50 or high-PG, as high-VG e-liquid is likely to be too thick for the JUUL Pod’s internal coils.

Step 3: repeat in reverse 

Now simply reverse the procedure and you’re set! Keep in mind that JUUL Pods aren’t intended for refill, and as such the internal coil may not last particularly long. 

If you need a personal demonstration then please head down to one of our locations, we’d be happy to help you get to grips with any vaping device that’s giving you problems.

How to stop a JUUL leaking

The JUUL is designed to suffer the absolute bare minimum leaks and spillages, though e-liquid will always find a way.

One of the more common reasons for leaks is puffing too hard; it is possible to draw some of the remaining e-liquid up through the mouthpiece if pulling too hard, so try to moderate your intake.

Another reason is fidgeting; some people find themselves idly toying with the Pod and pulling it out and in of the JUUL unit – this can lead to weird pressure displacement in the Pod which may cause a leak.

Squeezing the Pods is also a big no. If you continue to suffer from leak issues, contact the JUUL Care Team.

Charging your JUUL

The JUUL has a relatively small 200mAh battery due to it’s size and low energy requirements. You simply need to plug the device into the JUUL charging dock and you’re away.

It only takes approximately 30 minutes for a full charge from the handy USB charger, so you’ll not have to go long before you can start vaping again with confidence.

How to clean a JUUL

The best way to clean your JUUL out in the event of an e-liquid leak is to get some cotton buds and a little rubbing alcohol and gently rub at the connection pins within the device, mopping up any major build-up with paper towels.

Even if your device hasn’t had any major leak issues, it’s a good idea to every couple weeks or so give the inside of your device a little wipe down just to prevent any slow build-ups and ensure the pins are in good, clean condition.

Should I buy a JUUL?

This one is simple, if you are new to vaping – it may be worth a try, to give you an easy entry point into a world of options.

JUUL has clearly been a great product for those new to vaping, but ultimately, if you’re taking switching seriously, you’ll want something a little more durable. Why not take a look at our wide range of vaping kits?

We hope this article has helped you learn all about JUUL, happy vaping! MIST out.

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