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How To Make Your Own E Juice

7th October 2010

How to Make Your Own E Juice

So, you’ve got your kit. You’ve got batteries, maybe a mod or two, possibly a vivi nova, a ce4 style or a rebuildable, wicks, wire and a menagerie of accessories ranging from drip tips to pliers to syringes and a steady stream of empty bottles as you finish the juice.

Empty bottles, goes your mind. You could make your own. Mix up that flavour maybe no-one else has thought of, or to refine your absolute all time, or to create your Holy Grail of the flavour world. Time to dip them toes in!

But, here’s where it gets technical. What do you need, and more importantly, how do you mix it up to what you need? Lets go over this in a few steps….

1. The kit – This is THE most important bit. Without these items, you’re mixing thin air! You need, basically, this list:

  • PG or VG nicotine base. This is what you’ll be using to create that nicotine fuelled gorgeous e liquid that’ll settle your cravings. Now, in the UK, it is ILLEGAL to import or buy anything over 75mg/ml, so please don’t try this at home! For your country, please check import laws before ordering, or you’ll be in for a nasty surprise! The most common base amounts I’ve found are 54mg or 72mg, which are pretty much perfect for most mixes (as you shall see)

  • Food grade PG – This is VERY important! It’s going in your body, please do not skimp on the grade of your PG

  • Food grade VG – This is also VERY important, however you CAN buy this in chemists, usually under ‘Glycerin B.P.’ (Boots do their own small bottle, as do most chemists, it’s all a matter of popping in and asking if you don’t see it – look in the cough and cold section)

  • Flavourings – Again, please please PLEASE be very careful where these come from, as some contain oils and other ingredients that can’t be vaped! I know Mist sell their own flavourings, as do flavourart and The Perfumer’s Apprentice (two sites that are used extensively, links will be added at the bottom)

Now these are your four main ingredients!

2. Syringes, bottles and safety gear – I know this sounds particularly melodramatic, but please remember you ARE working with 54/72mg nicotine base, so, as with everything, it is better to be safe than in hospital for idiocy. Basic kit to have is:

  • Syringes. These you can pick up from anywhere, and most online vendors will sell a variety of sizes, anything from 1ml up to 30ml IIRC. You can also bulkbuy them on ebay, and these will probably come without the blunt needles.

  • Blunt needles. These have a variety of uses, primarily sucking up what you need in small amounts and helping to measure as you put it in. They’re also amazing for getting to the bottom of bottles, and most people will have a supply lying about from filling up tanks etc., but again, these CAN be bought online from reputable vendors.

  • Bottles. Again, a variety of sizes is key, from tiny 5ml bottles to measure and mix testers, up to 30/50/100ml bottles for making up that flavour you adore and keeping it safe. Again, many vendors sell empty bottles, but don’t forget to keep the ones you get when vaping, as these usually are a variety of sizes too.

  • Latex/non latex gloves. These babies are invaluable for protecting the skin from spillages of liquids and also for keeping your hands nice and clean as you mix different flavours. You can pick these babies up anywhere, so no fussing please!

  • Kitchen roll/similar. Always always ALWA YS keep a roll of this free, for mopping up spillages, wiping clean blunt needles, cleaning up bottle tops, drying off gear. It’s possibly the easiest and most important stuff to have to hand, and its pretty damn cheap too!

You’ll need both 1 and 2 to get all the kit you need together for mixing, along with any flavours you may like…I’m sure there’s cheese and chicken somewhere….

3.The juice calculator – So, you’ve got your juice, you’ve got your kit. Now, how much do you need to make up a 5ml or 10ml? This is where the juice calc comes into its own. You can get them to download for either Android or Apple, or there’s a few available on the internet, here’s an example of a couple I’ve found just by a quick search….

  • – This is a little program available for download. It looks complicated, but to help solve all of your worries the creator does have a nice little forum with a VERY informative and easy to follow FAQ/new user guide,205.msg421.html#msg421 I’d recommend this little beauty for the advanced mixer and not for the faint hearted!

  • – This is a nice and basic, easy to use calculator for those of you who don’t want to download, or just want to test different strengths and combinations out. Very easy to use, you just edit the numbers as and when required, and it’ll tell you both in drops and ml how much you do or don’t need to use. Pretty nifty says me

  • – This little dude is available for iphone, ipod and ipad, and is another calc that uses drops and ml. The nuisance of it is that it doesn’t really allow for detailed PG/VG or 100% either way mixes to be made, but I’ll add a few calculations in to help with that

  • – This little one is a VERY simplistic but user friendly app that can be used by the new or experienced user. It gives an easy or advanced option. However, it is a little limited with only 3 flavour options and only able to save 3 recipes, but there are a plethora of other apps available on the page

We’ve got kit and we’ve calculators, so now you’re ready to go it alone! But, what if it all goes wrong and nothing tastes right!? Have you steeped it to check if its that? Have you used too much flavouring? Have you not used enough? Is your mix too thick? Is it too thin? Does it taste like nothing? Check out my next blog/vblog for the answers to all these questions and a mixing 101!

Since 2006, Electronic Cigarettes have become a popular alternative to burnt tobacco. As the range of electronic cigarettes grew, so did the choice of e cig liquid you could choose. However, it seems some power vapers just aren’t satisfied by what the manufcatuers had to offer and have taken up a new hobby of creating their own devices and e juices.

What is in E Juice?

The base ingredients of e juice consist of water, propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine, flavourings, and other additives. The PG or VG makes up for around 70% of the e juice. It is also the ingredient which creates the visible vapour when heated.

What Ingredients Do You Need to Make E Juice?

The basic ingredients that you need to make your own e juice are:

1 – VG  or PG. This can be bought from many high street stores such as boots, but make sure you buy USP grade (ask at the counter if you are unsure of which one to pick)

NOTE: If you want to make E Juice with nicotine in it, I suggest you buy PG/VG unflavoured 54mg strength as well.

2 – E juice Flavouring: There are plenty of online retails selling e juice flavouring online, a simple google search should bring up a lot of choice. When buying your flavouring, please make extra care in making sure they are ok to use as e juice in your electronic cigarette.

3 – Distilled Water: This is used the thin out the e juice, make sure you don’t use tap water because it may contain unwanted additives.

Rule of Thumb E Juice Composition

E juice WITHOUT nicotine:
– 15% Water (Optional) – 15% Flavouring – 70% Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine

E juice WITH nicotine:
– 10% Water (Optional)
– 10% Flavouring
– 60% Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine
– 20% Commercial Nicotine Liquid

If you wanted to make an e juice with a concentration of 18mg and you had a base flavourless 54mg e juice the ratios would be as followed:

 Ingredients  ml  Drops*  % Of Total
 54mg PG or VG  1.7ml  34  34.0%
 PG or VG  2.3ml  46  46.0%
 Water  0.0ml  0  0.0%
 Flavouring  1.0ml  20  20.0%

*Drops are an estimation. 20 drops of water from a dropper equals approximately 1ml.

However, this is just a guide. If you were using a different nicotine base or wanted a different nicotine content or were adding water you can use handy tools such as that will help to create your e juice ratios. Making e juice is just like cooking, you have to experiment in order to find that perfect flavour – so have fun!

Handy E Juice Tip

Begin mixing in small batches so you don’t waste a lot of your ingredients by creating an e juice you don’t enjoy!

The Danger of Nicotine Poisoning with E Juice

When handling extra high strength nicotine products it is essential you wear the correct protective gear, especially when you are mixing your own e juice. Gloves and goggles are a must! Nicotine is highly toxic and if enough is absorbed through the skin it can kill you. When making your e juice, please keep all ingredients away from children and pets. If any is spilt on your skin, please rinse immediately and if you are feeling any negative effects go and see your doctor.

Don’t Want to Mix Your Own E Juice?

If you can’t be bothered to faff around to try and create your own e juice why not just leave it to the pros? At we only supply the most quality controlled, flavoursome e juice from the world’s finest manufacturer. Anyway, however you choose to get your e juice, enjoy it, and happy vaping!

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