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E Cig Liquid Reviews

5th October 2010

E Cig Liquid

E cig liquid can come in a variety of flavours and each of them carry their own personality. Today I am going to be going through some of the flavours we stock at www.misteliquid.co.uk by describing as best I can what makes them what they are!

Tobacco E Cig Liquid Reviews

First of all I am going to start off with my favourite tobacco e cig liquid – RY04. RY04 has a very distinct taste that defines it from any other tobacco based e liquid. The closest thing I can compare it to is honey caramel, but others say it tastes like blueberry or pancakes. It is not just a sweet flavour though, it has smokey undertones and it is a real nice vape. If you haven’t tried it already I would definitely recommended. Oh, and it also one of the most popular e cig liquids in the world!

M/bro / USAmix
This e cig liquid was created to replicate Marlborough cigarettes. It is a really nice flavour, slightly sweet, slightly nutty but noticeably less sweet than RY04. No e cig liquid replicates the exact taste of  a cigarette but this one does a pretty good job, however, it is not the best. I like it that way though – I never liked the taste of cigarettes anyway.

BH / Gold & Silver
BH, also known as gold and silver is an e cig liquid that is relatively new, but has taken over the electronic cigarette world by storm. It is not one of my favourites and I rarely use it myself because I like the sweeter vapes but if you want to find something that best replicates burning tobacco then I would go for this e cig liquid. It has a strong and smoky flavour and really hits the spot when you are craving a cancer stick!

555 / 3 & 5
555 or 3 & 5 is an e cig liquid based on state express cigarettes. This e cig liquid definitely has its own flavour, and you can tell as soon as you start puffing on it! It is sweet and smoky but what defines it from the rest is the distinct nutty flavour that fills your mouth with each puff. Some people say it tastes like popcorn – it certainly smells like it when you take a whiff. I enjoy this liquid a lot, from time to time i find myself really craving those nutty layers!

Hilton / Hillington
Now, this is an e cig liquid that is underrated, in my opinion anyway. I really love it. It is a sweet tobacco taste, but it feels fresh and clean in your mouth and leaves a nice after taste. I cannot compare it to anything I have tried before because it is a completely new experience taste wise. I guess your going to have to try it out for yourself to understand what I mean.

More E Cig Liquid Reviews To Come

Well, now you know a little about some of the flavours I guess it’s time for you to start experimenting and begin to try some for yourself. I hope this has helped and keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post where I will be going through some of my favourite fruit flavour e cig liquid!

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