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Side effects from the Electronic Cigarette

26th September 2010

When you first start using your electronic cigarette you may experience some unusual side affects. This comprehensive list should put your mind at ease by explaining the possible cause or reason of the most common problems related in/directly to the electronic cigarette. Before you read any further i feel it is my responsibility to explain that i have NO medical background and this article is primarily based on my own and other electronic cigarette users experiences all around the world. The symptoms on the list provided are quite rare, but if they are persistent or irritating you you should go and see your doctor for a more expert opinion.

Electronic Cigarette & Side Effects

Headaches– If you are experiencing a painful headache you have most probably inhaled too much nicotine. You need to put your electronic cigarette down and drink lots of water. When you decide you are fit to vape again, please consider using a lower nicotine strength e cig liquid or just cutting down on the vaping sessions. If you do not think your headache is a result of your nicotine intake then this might be of interest – “Changing brain oxygen and chemical levels, added anxiety or tension, possible temporary sleep disruption, increased caffeine levels, or diet changes can all result in headaches.  According to the Ward “abstinence effects” study, 33% of smokers reported having headaches immediately PRIOR to quitting.  Interestingly, those reporting headaches peaked on day three (72 hours) at 44%, dropped to 17% on day seven, and had declined to a low of just 11% on day fourteen.” taken from

Sore/Dry Throat or Nose– This may be related to Propylene Glycol (PG). PG is a humectant meaning it attracts moisture and could leave your throat feeling dry or sore. I had this problem every morning but after a few weeks it decided to go away and it never came back. It could just be your throat adjusting from your usual smoke to vapour. Try drinking a lot of water and if the problem becomes very painful please consult your GP for an PG allergy test. Alternative, you could try Vegetable Glycerine E liquid (VG) if the problem persists or if you find you are allergic to PG.

Muscle Aches – PG converts itself into lactic acid in the body. This is the most likely cause of muscle aches. Make sure to drink lots of water to flush the excess lactic acid out of your system.

Strong Smelling Urine – This is reported by some users but I have yet to have found an explanation.

Spots or Acne – This is something that is said to be a by-product of giving up smoking. When you stop smoking a lot of unpleasant toxins are free to escape your body and the face is a good escape route for them. Trapped toxins will cause acne or spots.

Coughing up Tar – This is also what happens when you stop smoking cigarettes. Your lungs begin to clean themselves!

Hiccups – If you keep getting the hiccups this is most likely to do with too much nicotine entering your body. Make sure you are not ingesting any drops of e juice from your cartridge and if e liquid is frequently entering your mouth please buy a new electronic cigarette! I would refrain from heavy vaping sessions with any sort of high strength e liquid and cut down my e liquid strength also.

Bleeding Gums – I have heard of a few people reporting bleeding gums when brushing their teeth. This is quite a common symptom of quitting smoking, apparently smokers have thicker gums. This should heal up after a week or so, but if it carries on please go and see a doctor because it could be something more serious.

Reported Benefits from the Electronic Cigarette

Here is a list of common benefits when using the electronic cigarette. Please take into consideration that the electronic cigarette is not proven to have any benefit on your health and is in no way a medical device.

Fingernails/tips turning from yellowish to clear.
Teeth becoming whiter.
Gums going a dark pink colour instead of grey.
Mood is more balanced and less prone to irritation.
More breath and stamina during exercise.
Food tasting and smelling more.
Firmer erection.

If you are feeling any other symptoms please feel free to comment and explain them so we can add to the list and also try and help you with some of your problems. I would also recommend googling “the symptoms of quitting smoking” where you will find a lot of the symptoms are directly related to quitting smoking rather than your electronic cigarette.

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