On all domestic orders over £40


On all domestic orders over £40

The Do’s & Don’ts of Travelling with your E Cig

20th June 2016

Throw your coat in the back of the cupboard, discard your thick woolly hats and hide your ugly, lumpy jumpers in the depths of your wardrobe, because glory-be, hold your hands high and praise the weather gods: the great British summer’s here!… Apparently… via GIPHY And, once everyone’s had their fill of the mediocre, but still inexplicably glorious, English sunshine, several of us might find ourselves speeding to the airport in search of greener pastures…I’m lucky enough to be ….

Regulation is coming – How will it affect Me?

10th July 2015

Regulation is coming – How will it affect me? “This time next year Rodney………we’ll be………regulated” You may recall before the General Election within our blog titled “The Purpose Of E-Cigarettes” we posed a number of questions in relation to the purpose of ecigs and the potential need for any regulatory controls. A great number of you responded (thank you) and the questions drew the following results:                           ….

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