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On all domestic orders over £40

What can 1.2m r/Vaping comments tell us about e-cigarette trends?

30th May 2019

If you’ve been a member of the vaping community for any length of time, you will almost certainly have noticed several changes in our industry since you took your first vape. You might have noticed an increase in the number of friends or family members who have started to use e-cigarettes, or you may have been asked if vaping was a successful tool to help you stop smoking. You’ll also be aware of the increasing number of ejuice flavours available ….

vaping statistics
The Ultimate List of Vaping and E-cigarette Statistics for 2018

25th January 2019

The past twelve months was another momentous year for the vaping industry – but what are the facts and figures behind its ongoing growth? We’ve put together the definitive list of e-cigarette statistics for 2018. Vaping & E-cigarette statistics At MIST, we’ve reviewed a number of authoritative health studies and consumer surveys to produce this comprehensive fact page. Whilst we encourage you to visit the likes of Public Health England or Smoking in England for your own benefit, ….

vaping memes
25 Hilarious Vaping Memes That Prove Vapers Are Awesome

31st July 2018

  Memes have taken over the internet, being the modern form of cultural expression, with a viral purpose and high social media shareability. And as memes cover every topic there is, vaping isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, to be featured in these popular images. We put together the most hilarious vaping memes we could find, so vapers can have a laugh and non-vapers can think twice about criticising this fun e-cigarette club. 1. We are all electrical ….

vaping tricks
Top Vaping Tricks and How To Do Them

13th June 2018

Electronic cigarettes have provided a great number of smokers with an option to manage their nicotine addiction in a way which is not harmful to them or those around them. While smoke reduction is obviously the most important aspect of vaping, it has presented its user-base with a whole new avenue for creative expression: vaping tricks! Check out our list below of some of our favourite vape tricks and how to do them. Top 6 Vaping Tricks: 1. Ghosting While ….

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