7 Best AIO (All In One) Vapes For 2022

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Vapes have come a very long way. An industry driven by innovation, vape manufacturers have spent the past 10 years continually revolutionising the styles and designs of vape tech, and now as we settle comfortably into this new decade we find ourselves leaving behind classic builds such as glass tanks and bulky mods to instead focus on the subject of this long awaited MIST roundup; the best AIO (all in one) vapes around.

An abbreviation of All-In-One, AIO vapes are kits which don’t utilise tanks attached with units that sacrifice superfluous customisation to focus on efficiency and design. As a result, 510 threaded screw mechanisms are instead replaced entirely with a range of proprietary fixing and fastenings.

When we ask what the best AIO vapes are, we’re opening the doors to an extremely vast array of vaping tech, as today the search for the best all in one vape kits includes a plethora of marvelous, varied devices which are sure to provide thousands with exactly the kind of convenient, comfortable satisfaction that’s going to help keep them from smoking.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the best all in one vapes on the market today!

Best AIO (All In One) Vape Overall: Geekvape H45

We consider each of the units featured to be the best AIO vapes currently available, but which of the best all in one vape kits is crowned the AIO supreme? Today, we’ve selected the Geekvape H45 Hero pod vape.

Geekvape H45 Hero Pod Kit is one of the best AIO vapes

The H45’s plethora of protections matched with its tight and ergonomic construction and surprisingly large battery make it a ludicrously robust and versatile choice for anyone seeking out an AIO vape kit that can offer everything a traditional vape can and more. 

The Geekvape H45 is a fantastic choice for the vaper on the move, but also serves as a fantastic choice for any cloud fan’s new main unit, providing all day puffs of thick and tasty clouds without ruining the lining of your jacket the way a traditional large and bulky sub-ohm mod might.

The 7 Best AIO (All In One) Vapes Are: 

  1. Geekvape H45 Hero Pod Kit
  2. Geekvape Wenax S-C
  3. SMOK Stick N18
  4. Uwell Caliburn G2
  5. Voopoo DRAG Nano 2
  6. Aspire R1 Pod Kit
  7. Aspire Flexus-Q Pod Kit

Note: The 7 Best AIO (All In One) Vapes For 2022 are listed in no particular order

1. Geekvape H45 Hero Pod Kit

Best for: Vapers who want a tough, durable and cloudy AIO vape

Score – 10/10

Geekvape’s H45 Hero combined the durability of their Aegis mods with the comfort and convenience of the Wenax AIO series. 

Geekvape H45 Hero Pod Kit  is one of the best AIO vapes


Dimensions43.1mm x 91.05mm


  • Pocket-size yet powerful
  • Large 1400mAh battery
  • Extremely durable
  • Power efficiency technology
  • IP67 ingress protections


  • Hard to track juice levels
  • Wide-bore mouthpiece only
  • Not ideal for MTL use

Key Features:

  • Dust, shock and rain proof thanks to durable design
  • Top-mounted fill system means no messy refills
  • Large and detailed colour display screen with all necessary information
  • Surprisingly large 1400mAh battery means this little unit keeps on puffing

Jokes aside, the H45 is seriously sturdy, and features a surprisingly powerful 1400mAh battery as well as a detailed 0.96” TFT screen, giving you a full overview of your device’s charge, wattage, ohmage, puff count and more! Perhaps the only thing more surprising is the powerful 45W output of this pocket-friendly AIO vape. 

The Geekvape H45 Hero pod kit is a stunning piece of vaping gear, and easily one of the best. The Geekvape H45 Hero pod kit, also known as the Aegis Hero 2, is a logical progression of Geekvape’s recent designs; a comfortable and ergonomic AIO vape that kits neatly in the pocket while also granting all the damage protections you’ve come to expect from Geekvape’s larger mods such as the L200 Aegis Legend.

The H45 features IP67 protections; the unit is dust proof, shock resistant and largely water proof for brief periods. If you’re prone to dropping your device down a set of stairs in the rain on a sandy beach, this is probably one of the best All In One vape kits you could select! All In One vape kits for those who want a portable, protected powerhouse.

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2. Geekvape Wenax S-C

Best for: Vapers who want style and satisfaction in equal measure

Score – 9/10

Geekvape’s Wenax S-C is a beautiful evolution on the Wenax design with a massively increased battery capacity.

Top AIO vape device Geekvape Wenax S-C in silver.


Dimensions112mm x 18.8mm


  • Breath-activated
  • Power adjustment function 
  • Eye-catching design
  • 1100mAh battery
  • Alternative mouthpiece included


  • Not ideal for DTL use
  • Hard to track juice levels

Key Features:

  • Features two different mouthpieces to suit your vaping style
  • Oxidised coating provides good grip and stylish design
  • Surprisingly large 1100mAh battery for such a small vape
  • Very fast charging

The Geekvape Wenax S-C is a new AIO vape from the makers of the original Wenax K1, and whereas the K1 sacrificed some battery capacity for portable convenience, the Wenax S-C instead manages to cram a stunning 1100mAh of battery capacity into this neat and sleek AIO vape.

And talk about sleek! The Wenax S-C has a gorgeous design that features an oxidised coating to give it not only a beautiful sheen but a comfortable grip as well. The Wenax S-C is draw-activated, meaning you don’t have to press any buttons to get the hit you need, and can be adjusted between 3 power output settings.

The Wenax S-C also comes with two different mouthpieces, both made from delrin so as to prevent any lip discomfort following heavy vaping sessions. With 1.2ohm and 0.6ohm Wenax S-C coils included with the kit, the S-C is one of the best AIO vapes for MTL vapers who want a kit that’s as eye-catching as it is reliable.

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3. SMOK Stick N18

Best for: Vapers who want old-school stick vapes with variable wattage

Score – 8.5/10

The SMOK Stick N18 is a retro-style instant classic with a surprising degree of versatility.

AIO vape device SMOK Stick N18 Kit in gold.


Dimensions18mm x 145mm


  • Versatile
  • Easy wattage adjustment
  • Surprisingly large 1300mAh battery
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Liquid easily tracked through window
  • LED battery level indicator


  • A little heavier than it looks
  • Filling ports slightly tight
  • Glass not replaceable
  • Charging time a little slow

Key Features:

  • Fully compatible with all Nord and original RPM coils
  • Fully adjustable airflow adds to versatility in cloud production
  • Old-school vape pen design is a breath of fresh air
  • Rapid charging thanks to USB-C port and included cable

The SMOK Stick N18 is a remarkable return to form for SMOK, following on from their triumphant campaigns in the pod territories. However this 1400mAh kit retains some of the wisdom developed during SMOK’s pod forays; the Stick N18 has a proprietary tank that can fit any of the Nord and RPM coils!

With the device’s 9-30W range this grants the user total freedom to engage in both MTL and DTL vaping, with coils that range in ohmage from 1.4ohms to 0.4ohms, giving you access to the full spectrum of cloud and flavour production.

This screenless stick vape’s wattage adjustment is performed via the dial at the base of the unit, which clicks steadily into place and instantly changes your power output. The SMOK Stick N18 is one of the best AIO vapes for those who yearn the styles for vaping’s yesteryear.

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4. Uwell Caliburn G2

Best for: Vapers on the move who desire full control over their pods

Score – 8/10

The Uwell Caliburn G2 evolves the original Caliburn design to bring a much greater deal of oversight and control to the pods.

AIO vape Uwell Caliburn G2 in cobalt green.


Dimensions110.5mm x 22.5mm


  • Optional auto-draw
  • Changeable coils
  • Vape juice viewing window
  • Lightweight slimline build
  • Power indication LED


  • Not a huge battery
  • Occasional leaks from airflow control
  • Refilling slightly awkward

Key Features:

  • Improved battery capacity from previous Caliburn G
  • Optional auto-draw means you don’t have to press the firing button to vape
  • Viewing window prevents the likelihood of dry burns and ruined coils
  • Changeable coils more economical than disposable pods

The original Caliburn G has been one of the most popular pod AIO vapes ever released, and the Uwell Caliburn G2 expands upon the original design in ways that seek to provide the user with a greater sense of control over their kit.

The newly evolved Caliburn G2 pods now feature a simple pod-based airflow control that allows the user to fully control the tightness of the draw. 

Another new addition, taken from the Caliburn A2, is the inclusion of a vape juice window that dramatically reduces the chance of accidentally firing an empty pod.

The pod also now has a newly improved mouthpiece designed for maximum comfort, as well as retaining the Caliburn G’s changeable coil system.

With battery increase to 750mAh which perfits a full day of vaping, the Uwell Caliburn G2 is a fantastic improvement on a classic, and is one of the best All In One vape kits for those who enjoy full situational awareness of their device.

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5. Voopoo DRAG Nano 2

Best for: Vapers who want discreet but powerful puffs

Score – 7.5/10

The Voopoo DRAG Nano 2 improves upon every aspect of the original device to provide the best All In One vape kit for discreet vapers.

AIO vape Drag Nano 2 in classic black.


Dimensions72mm x 44mm


  • Small and portable
  • 3 adjustable power settings
  • Compatible with Vinci pods
  • Charges in less than 1 hour
  • Good airflow


  • MTL use only
  • Refilling can be slightly awkward

Key Features:

  • Very small build makes it a perfect vape for travel
  • Power easily adjusted with a single button
  • Several on-board power protections
  • Adjustable airflow gives the user control over cloud production

The Voopoo DRAG Nano 2 is a stunningly small and concealable vape, ludicrously pocket-friendly and eminently portable in size and dimension. The battery capacity has been improved to 800mAh, giving it easily enough power for a full day of vaping.

The new Nano 2 pods have been improved to allow for increased flavour as well as lessening the likelihood of messy leaks. They’re easily filled while sitting in the mod itself, and the DRAG Nano 2 can even fit the Voopoo Vinci pods, if you have any to hand.
The DRAG Nano 2 features three easily switched power settings, and has a maximum power output of 20W. The unit comes with two pods with pre-installed Nano 2 coils, one at 0.8ohms and one at 1.2ohms, so it’s best used for MTL vaping and thinner juices.

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6. Aspire R1 Pod Kit

Best for: Vapers looking for a bargain priced, simple AIO vape

Score – 7.5/10

Another Aspire pod kit, the Flexus Q delivers insane levels of flavour and adjustable airflow in a tiny discreet package! 

Aspire R1 Pod Kit is one of the best AIO vapes


Voltage3.7V constant
Dimensions100mm x 22mm


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Auto-draw
  • Affordable and simple to use


  • Lack of extra functions

Key Features:

  • Extremely affordable AIO vape with a simple design and function
  • Auto-draw helps replicate the cigarette smoking effect
  • Disposable coils mean no messy coil changes
  • Fuss-free design leaves you to vape without headaches

The R1 pod kit is something rather new from Aspire, who we ordinarily associate with classy, steel & glass mods with a variety of functions like the Zelos 3; a neat and portable AIO kit designed for the budget-conscious vaper who’s looking for satisfying MTL hits and nothing more.

The R1 pod kit is a simple kit with a simple purpose; satisfying hits with every puff. The 650mAh battery is usually enough to get you through the day’s usual smoke breaks, and the buttonless design means you just puff to use it, no need for button presses.

The pods are disposable and come with pre-installed coils, so you can take messy coil changes off your list of tasks with this AIO vape. Each pod comes fitted with a mesh coil interior, so there’s no need to worry about dry spots.

The Aspire R1 is one of the best AIO vapes for those who aren’t looking for anything beyond a relieving hit with every puff, from a device that’s easily carried and slips into any pocket.

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7. Aspire Flexus-Q Pod Kit

Best for: Vapers looking for a flavoursome AIO vape kit

Score – 7.5/10

The Aspire Flexus-Q AIO pod kit is a comfortable and portable vape pen with an unmatched depth of flavour.

Aspire Flexus Q Pod Kit in black colour


Dimensions30mm x 14mm


  • Extremely rapid charge
  • Auto-draw
  • Fantastic flavour


  • MTL use only

Key Features:

  • User-friendly airflow control allows user to determine cloud production
  • Auto-draw reminiscent of cigarette smoking and good for recent smokers
  • Coils specifically designed for heightened, intense flavour
  • Lightweight slim build makes it a great AIO vape for travel

The Flexus-Q pod kit is a new AIO pod vape from Aspire that brings an incredible depth of flavour to the table. The device comes with two Flexus-Q coils, one in 1.0ohms and one in 0.6ohms, both of which are constructed with vertical mesh interiors and organic cotton to provide the highest possible threshold of flavour.

The Flexus-Q’s 700mAh battery is ample enough to handle a day’s vaping, and the power is easily adjusted through three distinct power levels for when you need a bit more of a kick to your inhale.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Flexus-Q AIO is the 3A charging method, by which your completely depleted unit can be restored to 80% battery in just 10 minutes! That’s an unprecedented level of charging speed which ensures you’ll rarely ever be stuck without a functioning vape for long!

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