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Mist Basic eGo-CE4 Kit
Mist Basic eGo-CE4 Kit Mist Basic eGo-CE4 Kit

Mist Basic eGo-CE4 Kit


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Mist Basic eGo-CE4 Kit

This ultimate "Try Me" E-Cigarette truly is a bargain. With all the kit you need to get started, this user-friendly, high performance device is really something special. Perfect for both heavy vapers and first timers. The CE4 requires little maintenence as you simply dispose of the tank when it's time for a fresh one.


  • CE4 clearomizer
  • eGo 650 mAh battery
  • ON/OFF safety system : 5 clicks off, 5 clicks on
  • 1.6ml liquid capacity


  • Genuine eGo CE4 Electronic Cigarette
  • Portable USB Charger
  • 10ml empty dropper bottle
  • Portable carry case


  • 510 compatible

For help with this kit pelase see our User Guide and battery safety information.

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